I have participated on various projects :

  • Engineering works :

European project :

- ARTiSt (Advanced software-based seRvice provisionning and migraTIon of legacy SofTware) :

I principally worked on Java to UML and Java to FUML (Foundational UML) model transformations, with various european researchers and engineers, notably the BIG (Business Informatic Group) team of the Vienna University of Technology, and the AtlanMod (Atlantic Modeling) team of the Mines school of Nantes.
To have more informations about this project and my work, it is possible to see it on my github account.


French project : 
 - TEAP (
TOGAF Enterprise Architecture Platform) :

This work was a part of my master degree internship in the AtlanMod research team, but i also continue to  work on it when i became an engineer in this team.
 It was about model injections and transformations for the TOGAF norm from Open Group. I have worked with the  Obeo and DCNS french companies.
To have more information about this project and my work, it is possible to see it on my github account.


French navy projects :

During 4 years, i was a developer in the french navy, and i have worked on various projects, principally on human resources ones.

  • Research works :

My PhD thesis was about model reuse improvement using template models (For a detailed presentation, see "Template Based MDE"). I wrote following papers:

1 - "Template Based MDE", which presents my thesis subject. This article was presented during the GDR-GPL 2014 event, at Bordeaux, a french city. 

2 - "Isolating and Reusing Template Instances in UML", describing the interests of (partial) template instances isolation and their relations with the UML template semantic enhancement defined by the team (called "Aspectual Template" - see internal paper reference). This paper was presented in the ECMFA conference, in 2016, at the Electrotechnical Institute of TU Wien, Vienna

3 - "Operators for Template Based MDE", presenting operators to manipulate templates in various modeling activities. This poster was shown during the MODELS conference, in 2016, at Saint-Malo, a french city.